Vitiligo treatment in Ayurveda

Treating vitiligo with an ayurvedic approach: Know some effective remedies here!

Vitiligo has been known worldwide to be a rare skin abnormality affecting about 1-2% of the entire world population. Rare it may be, has been believed to have changed the lives of those who suffer from it.

While some may excel their condition with plenty of courage, positivity and self-esteem, others find it difficult to accept the changes it brings to their body. This is where a rare disorder like this becomes a matter of concern.

The question is- How do we resolve this concern? Luckily, every problem has a solution in the modern world. That means, to worry is in vain. A wide variety of treatments can help you overcome this disorder in the finest way possible. Best of all, the treatments aren’t limited to a doctor’s clinic. Vedas Cure brings you the best team of doctors to help you while sitting at home.

What if we tell you we have an ayurvedic cure for vitiligo? Fascinated? Can’t believe there exists vitiligo treatment in ayurveda?  Come, let’s learn a little more about it!

What is vitiligo? What to know while living with it?

Some may be fair, some dark, some with a different shade. However, for the ones with vitiligo, things aren’t this simple!

Vitiligo is a skin condition in which the skin undergoes discoloration in the form of patches. It can affect any area of the body, even the hair and inside of your mouth. The most commonly affected parts, however, are hands, neck, face and feet. The condition can be found in people of all skin types. The visibility, however, is higher in those with a darker shade.

Vitiligo is a result of the destruction of melanocytes by the body’s immune system. The destruction of these cells signifies the loss of melanin, a pigment that gives color to the skin. The exact reason behind it is not yet deciphered.

The discolored area, formed as a result of loss of melanins, is photosensitive which makes it highly vulnerable to the sun. Therefore, forgetting to put on sunscreen before leaving home is a big no-no!

Age doesn’t limit its existence as it may be found in a child as well as an adult. The size of the patches, however, may differ person to person. Sometimes, it may be small, sometimes large, some focal, some generalized.

Do not worry! Lucky for us, this skin condition is not life-threatening. All you need is to look after it and treat your skin in the best way. Do not consider it a flaw, you’re just unique in your own way!

How to know if or not you have vitiligo. Here are the main symptoms!

  • Your first hint is the loss of color in the form of patches on the skin or mucous membranes or the inner eyes.
  • Premature whitening of hair, eyelashes etc.

It’s your hint to consult a doctor!

The first time you see a discolored patch, it’s time for you to find yourself a trusted doctor. Stressful,  it may seem, is easy to deal with when you have an expert’s advice. With the world moving forward, you can avail the treatment while sitting at home. Do not trust allopathy? Worry no more! Vedas cure brings to you the vitiligo treatment in ayurveda.

What can you do to take care of it?

  • Do not step out without wearing sunblock.
  • Choose the right cosmetics for the skin
  • Love your skin. Derive strength from your flaws.

How can it be treated?

The most important thing to understand – There is no perfect cure for vitiligo of any kind!

The result of the treatment may or may not help in removing the patches. It however, can help in preventing its growth. Therefore, the right treatment for the problems is absolutely necessary,

With the evolution in medical science, the list of treatments has increased. While the oldest and the newest medical science swear by the vitiligo treatment in ayurveda, the use of topical creams, PUVA therapy, UVB light therapy, laser treatment, surgery, skin transplant etc., has also become widely popular.

How to know what to choose?

The importance of ayurvedic treatment above everything else cannot be more obvious. The one with no side effects, is the one that’s the best! If you ask – is vitiligo curable in ayurveda? We can assure you that no matter what the kind, every vitiligo has a solution in ayurveda. Vedas Cure brings you the perfect blend between Science and Ayurveda. Yes, people! It is not a myth!

Vitiligo ayurvedic treatment – the best among the rest!

The treatment we offer for Vitiligo begins at home with limited ingredients proven to be skin’s best friends. The team of professionals at Vedas Cure promise to guide you through each step on your journey to fight vitiligo. The entire treatment is divided into stages for the convenience of the patient. It is only after you are convinced, we take you to the next step.

Want a sneak peek into the vitiligo treatment in ayurveda? Our Psoralea corylifolia oil is loved by all!

The risk involved in other treatments cannot be neglected. What’s at stake is your body after all! We understand your concern and bring nature’s cure to your home. It may be stressful to cope with it mentally. It may seem difficult to accept the changes at times. While you work on embracing your uniqueness, we relieve you from the stress of choosing the best for your skin! With just a few steps, we shall have the best results!



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