vitiligo on lips



Vitiligo is a skin condition in which the skin loses its color. It leaves the skin pigmented and patched and Lip vitiligo skin surrounding the lips pigmented. This covers the area around the lower and upper lip.

Usually, it starts with a small dot and gradually covers a larger lip area, and The pigmentation cells named melanocyte do not function properly resulting in pigmentation around the mouth.

The lip area is very soft and delicate. Performing surgeries and heavy medication on this area are quite risky and difficult hence vitiligo on lips becomes a matter of great concern.

Vitiligo on lips can be caused to any age of people. It can even affect a young child or an adult too.

because of Lip vitiligo usually lasts longer than usual or it may even prolong to the whole life-time, and  The treatments to vitiligo comprise phototherapy which is usually quite expensive.


Talking about treatments of any type of vitiligo concludes to light therapy, and Light therapy is an allopathic treatment with no core values of curing the disease completely. Vitiligo on lips demands phototherapy but it is very risky and it poses a threat of side effects and other dangerous diseases.

In this light treatment, the lip region presented to UV radiations to decrease the pigmented and the Allopathic therapies are not a decent alternative to pick

because they involve huge medical costs and do not deliver assurance of curing the disease completely.


Ayurveda and home remedies are the best options for treating vitiligo on lips. Vedas Cure is the best brand name in the field of Ayurveda and through its range of products it ensures that its customers recover fully, and Our range of products is cost-effective and result-oriented. The lips are the beauty of one’s face, and protecting them is of prime importance.

Ayurvedic products ensure no side effects and show the best result within time and stipulated cost, and Lip vitiligo affects the lips and also poses a threat to the skin surrounding it. To avoid its spread proper medication is mandatory.

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