Vitiligo Cure Diet

How to Cure Vitiligo with a Diet Plan?

Do you have vitiligo? Do you suspect you have vitiligo? Do you know what vitiligo is?

Let’s start with an overview.

Do you see the loss of skin colour in blotches on your skin? Well, this is vitiligo. It is a disease where you suffer from skin discolouration or loss of skin colour in blotches or different parts of the skin.

Vitiligo occurs when the pigment-producing cells die or stop functioning. It is visible and recognizable on dark skin and is often termed as white spots. The prevalence of vitiligo disease makes the skin look uneven and sick. The spots can appear anywhere on the skin, the number of spots and their sizes are quite distinctive and unstoppable.

For some people, the patches might be hard to recognize while in others, they can be quite palpable. But the sad part is, you have to live with it. There is no permanent cure for the disease. However, vitiligo cure diet and self-care helps to control the situation from getting worse.

Importance of what we eat

Food is a very important part of our lives. The basic definition we have always heard is, food is a necessity without which the body cannot function. And it is very true. Your skin is the reflection of whatever you eat. Have you noticed pimples on your face during the summer seasons? It is because of the mangoes we eat during the season. Or do you keep fasts? With no or less water and food? The reflection of our strong cravings can not only be heard by our constant complaints but can be seen too. Our face starts to lose its glow and become pale and sick. It is similar to a withered flower without water.

So, now that we know the vital role played by food in making us look good, let’s get to know them better. You know what, a vitiligo diet plan can help you control it!

There are some foods that will help you control vitiligo. You should drink lots of water and eat healthy food. Immunity-boosting foods with food fibres and minerals are highly recommended for self-care for vitiligo.

Let us know some foods that we can add to our vitiligo diet

  • Beetroot – consumption of beetroot helps in increasing the pigmentation over the white spots.
  • Banana – it is an immunity-boosting fruit that contains antioxidants and phytochemicals
  • Kale – the vitamin-rich leafy vegetable has a high content of minerals beneficial for the skin.
  • Romaine lettuce – a leafy vegetable, that helps in making the skin glow and making the spots less recognizable.
  • Carrots – the carrot is a root vegetable and helps in boosting the pigment-producing cells in the skin which helps in increasing the pigments on white spots.
  • Radishes – it is a root vegetable as well, and thus, increase pigments on the discoloured skin.
  • Chickpeas – Chickpeas contain amino acids, which promote the formulation and production of melanin (a skin pigment) thus providing pigments on the white spots.
  • Figs – Figs is used as a traditional medicine for treating skin ailments like eczema, vitiligo and psoriasis with many beneficial properties.
  • Dates – Vitamin C rich fruits have increased melanin, helping in pigmenting the white spots.

Maintaining a diet

You have to make sacrifices in order to achieve! If you want to control and reduce the intensity of vitiligo, you should and must maintain a vitiligo diet plan. Start by knowing the foods you can eat, and the foods you cannot eat. Yes, there are restrictions to certain food items which should not be neglected. Make a vitiligo diet chart for yourself and try to follow it.

We know that it is very hard to make a sacrifice on your favourite food and switch to healthy essentials. But it is vital. But don’t lose hope.

Try to find your favourites among the lot or the healthier versions of your favourite food in order to keep yourself motivated. For example – if you like to eat a sandwich, try making a banana sandwich. A healthy snack is ready, keeping in mind your favourites.


Most of us were unaware of our white spots being a cause of a disease. So yes, vitiligo is the disease that causes white spots on our skin. Though it is not curable but can be maintained and controlled. We must maintain a proper vitiligo diet chart and follow it to control the disease.

Don’t lose hope people, it is not a tough job. Just a bit of discip[line and you are good to go!

Still, seems difficult? Don’t worry we have got your back! We at Vedas Cure provide a vitiligo treatment that has clinically successful techniques. All the products are 100% herbal. It’s your effort and our strategy which will help us achieve the best results.



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