Vitiligo in children

A beginner's guide to childhood vitiligo: Symptoms, causes, treatment

Can kids have vitiligo?

Of course, they can! Vitiligo isn’t just a problem in adults but affects children too. Researchers have proven that children with vitiligo form 1/4th of the entire population of people affected by vitiligo.

Vitiligo may not be a fatal disease, it definitely has a huge impact on the mind. While others, given their maturity are still very capable of dealing with it, kids may find it extremely hard to accept the changes in their bodies.

For them, to cover this journey of dealing with this skin abnormality alone may get extremely difficult. For them to even understand what’s happening can be a little tricky.. Childhood vitiligo has a marked psychosocial and long-lasting effect on the self-esteem of the child and the parents.

No parents alone can help their kids overcome this condition. While they may act as staff to their kids, advice from medical experts is absolutely essential to help them in supporting their kids in the right way.

This must be understood at all costs that even though vitiligo poses no threat to life, it must be dealt with immediately. Lucky for us, the modern world curbs our worries regarding finding the best expert. Particularly, in times like this, when the covid pandemic has taken over the world, stepping out of the house can get a little risky. Worry no more. Vedas cure brings you the best solution for your child’s problem, to your home!

What is vitiligo in children like?

Vitiligo is a rare skin condition wherein due to a lack of melanin as a result of the destruction of melanocytes in the body, the skin starts to develop discolored patches. The reason for this cannot always be deciphered. While some it may be a reaction of environmental agents, inothers, it can be a hereditary problem. However, studies show that kids with no vitiligo history in the family, may also become victims to it.

These patches can be small, large, segmented, non-segmented and mucosal. It is essential to note that the type and formation may differ from kid to kid.

Like adults, vitiligo in children is present in kids of all skin types and colors. It is however noted that the prominence is slightly more in those with a darker tone.

Did you know?

  1. They are more prominent in female children.
  2. The segmental type is the most common type when it comes to vitiligo in children.

A tip for parents: How to take care of your child’s vitiligo?

  • Ensure a healthy diet for them.
  • Monitor their emotional well-being while they strive hard to deal with it.
  • Never let your kid outside without applying sunblock on the photosensitive patches.
  • Use of appropriate skin-care products is a must.

One thing you should know!

Given that the exact cause for vitiligo does not exist, the scope of treatments is also limited depending on the child. While it may massively deduce the patches in some, in others it can only prevent growth.

When is it your time to consult the doctor?

The first time you see a discolored patch on your child , it’s time for you to find yourself a trusted doctor. Stressful,  it may seem, is easy to deal with when you have an expert’s advice.

Is vitiligo curable in children? Here’s an insight into the available treatments.

The aim of treating vitiligo is to regain the original functionality of the skin. While the world offers multiple medical modalities, not each and every one is suitable for children. The ones that the experts believe in, are:

  1. Ayurvedic treatment begins at home with the most natural ingredients.
  2. Topical therapy involves the use of corticosteroids, calcipotriol and so on. These are convenient and believed to be moderately successful. For better insight, ask a medical expert.
  3. Systemic therapy involves a little intense therapy using oral corticosteroids when the situation becomes a little unstable.
  4. Phototherapy: Ultraviolet (UV) A plus psoralen (PUVA), combined UVA plus UVB, and narrow-band UVB are used as the mode of treatment.
  5. Surgical modalities: Not the first preference in treating childhood vitiligo, this can prove useful in some cases. This treatment, however, is not suggested for very young children.
  6. Cosmetic camouflage comprises practices to conceal the affected area. Properly counseled elder children can opt for this treatment.

Other than these, cognitive therapy along with psychological support, and pigmentation are a few known treatments. This is essential to note that the result of the majority of the treatments is far from satisfactory. The best way to deal with it is to accept yourself and emerge as even stronger.

What is the best?

We understand your concern when it comes to your child’s skin. The condition itself has such a huge impact on the minds of children and their parents, that to even imagine the side effects of these feels troublesome.

We provide you with the best solution to your problem. None can deny the safety and superiority of ayurvedic treatment. Having said that, Vedas Cure  brings  you the best ayurvedic treatment for vitiligo in children.

In conclusion

Our treatment is a perfect blend of science and ayurveda. Trusted by many, it’s now your time to choose the best from the rest.

With our best team of experts and the most natural ingredients, Vedas Cure promises you the best results. From us to you, from you and your child’s better tomorrow!



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