vitiligo home remedies

Vitiligo home remedies

Vitiligo home remedies

Skincare is the most important thing for our external appearance and looks. Many people suffer from skin pigmentation problems such as vitiligo where the skin loses its melanocytes (pigment cells). Pigment producing skin cells called melanocytes (generally referred to as melanin) either die or stop functioning. This causes colorless patches on the skin. People feel shy or embarrassed to expose themselves to these white patches. Even though it can’t be completely cured, home remedies will improve the appearance of the skin. 

You may definitely try all these tips suggested at very minimal cost and get better results. Let’s have a quick look at home remedies that Vedas Cure suggest:

  • Turmeric – Turmeric is the best home remedy for vitiligo. A pinch of turmeric powder mixed along with Coconut oil gives the best results. This helps in stimulating the non-functioning melanocytes which give a better appearance. Apply the turmeric powder mixed along with coconut oil twice daily to get better results.


  • Good diet – Losing the pigmentation of the skin may be due to allergies you develop within your body. So please give priority to home food rather than eating outside or having junk food. So please avoid allergens to your body which you may encounter having outside food frequently. Prepare naturally fermented food at home which will help to develop immunity and they have good bacteria for skincare.


  • Papaya – Intake of Papaya and also external application of  Papaya skin to the affected area, both help in the better appearance of skin.


  • Drinking water at regular intervals – Have lots and lots of water which is very good for skincare. Also, it is better to consume water stored in Copper vessel which helps in developing increased melanocytes and also reduce the whiteness of patches. Vedas Cure highly recommends this practice.


  • Having Vitamin C-rich Food – Have plenty of Vitamin C constituent foods such as Orange, Goose Berrys, and Lemon which increases melanin content in your body and gives a glow to your skin.


  • Turmeric and Honey – Apply a pinch of turmeric, salt with honey to the affected area. Wash the affected area with Luke warm water after 20-30 minutes. Please regularly follow this practice twice a day. This gives better results.


  • Fruit Diet -Banana, Dates, Orange and Apricot are rich in BetaCarotene and help developing melanin content in your body. Include these fruits regularly in your diet.


  • Avoid Exposure to Sunshine -Please don’t expose your skin to sunshine and dust. Use umbrellas and effective clothing. This will have a greater impact over the period of time.


These are the best practices and home remedies that Vedas Cure recommends for the betterment of your skin appearance from Vitiligo.


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