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Vitiligo is a skin disease characterized by the white patches on the skin surface caused by the improper functioning of the melanocytes (cells responsible for the production of melanin hormone). 

Melanin is the hormone responsible for the skin color and tone. Decreased level of melanin in the body causes discoloration of the skin and white patches on the skin.

Vitiligo cannot be cured completely but can be maintained by proper management. It doesn’t have ill effects on health but from cosmetic point of view it feels embarrassing in public. People tend to hide the patches from public to avoid embarrassment or disappointment.

This can be managed by taking proper steps that help reduce the symptoms.

Vedas cure offers treatment for vitiligo that proves to reduce the white patches and bring back the normal skin color. 

The medicines for vitiligo are:

  • Kaishor guggulu: it is advised for people suffering with vitiligo and show benefits upon regular usage.
  • Psoralea oil: also known as babchi oil. Local application of psoralea oil is effective in treating vitiligo. It distributes the skin color uniformly on the white patches. 
  • Arogyavardhini tablet: these tablets are given to vitiliog patients twice a day. It contains natural herbs that helps treat the disease naturally.


Home remedies that help to treat vitiligo are:

  • Proper diet is the key to human body health. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in the regular diet. Avoid citrus fruits in the diet that may aggravate the skin condition.
  • Exercise helps to maintain the body in good state, thus regular exercise helps maintain good health.
  • Take vitamin and minerals in the required amount.
  • Copper helps maintain the skin color. Storing water in copper utensils and consuming water from the copper glass will give you desired copper required by the body
  • Cook food in iron utensils provides the required amount of iron.
  • Avoid consuming fish with milk products simultaneously.
  • It is better to reduce the intake of sour food like lemon, tamarind, vinegar, etc.
  •  Ginger increases the blood flow in the body. Drink ginger juice to increase blood flow to the white patches on the skin.
  • Take vitamin A supplements or foods that contain beta-carotene like Carrot, sweet potatoes and peas, green leafy vegetable (spinach).


People with vitiligo develop an inferiority complex of their physical appearance. So they should be given the utmost care and love to feel normal about themselves.


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