Not taking medicines it can be increase day by day

The Symtpoms of vitiligo:-

  • The patches of discoloured skin are visible at an early stage of vitiligo only. These patches are discoloured because of the excess production of melanin or malfunctioning of melanin cells in our bodies.

    • These patches initially cover parts like, hands, legs, face, or the more exposed body parts.

    • In some cases apart from discoloured skin patients also witness early graying of their hair. The hair at the scalp, eyebrow, or eyelashes changes its colour to gray at a very early age. The age which usually does not experience grey hair.

    • The tissues inside our mouth or nose are known as mucous membranes. These tissues also start losing their colour which points towards the initial symptoms of vitiligo.

    • It affects people younger than 30 years. The age group that vitiligo attacks is usually below 30 years.

    • The symptoms of vitiligo and areas conquered may vary from person to person. The discoloured patches may cover one part of the body, only hands and face, only one side of the body, several parts of the body, etc. This is determined by the severity and strength of melanin-producing cells.

    • Usually, the depigmented cells of the body slowly and gradually involve the whole body. The skin usually gets its colour back but the process is really slow and demands patient. It takes time to fully cure it.

    • Apart from mucous membranes depigmentation also takes place inside our eyes. Vitiligo can also affect the colour of the retina in our eyes.

    • People suffering with some other autoimmune diseases are also more prone to vitiligo because it affects the production of melanin in our body.

Therefore, it is difficult to predict the time involved in the treatment of vitiligo. Medical care of the patients is of prime importance. Allopathic medical sciences also have a solution and cure for vitiligo but it involves huge medical expenditure. It is often noticed that sometimes patients cure even by no medications or by opting Ayurvedic medicines. They do not pose any external or internal threat to the body and also speeds up the process of recovery.


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