Not taking medicines it can be increase day by day


Likewise, melanin is the hormone in the body responsible skin color and skin tone. It is produced in the cells called melanocytes that are placed deeper in the skin layers. Active melanocytes maintain the skin color uniformly. Defect in the formation or production of melanocytes reduces the production of melanin hormone. Decreased level of melanin in the body causes white patches on the skin.  

Vitiligo can influence individuals at any age and is it non-infectious illness. 

The specific reason for vitiligo is obscure yet there are hardly any causes recommended that are known to cause vitiligo.

Different causes of vitiligo:

  • Auto-immune disorder: the cells responsible for maintaining skin color are destroyed by the own body cells. Decreased melanocyte disturbs the uniformity of the skin color and tone. Therefore  
  • Stress: taking too much stress affects the body in a negative way. Stress is a silent killer. People who take lot of stress are more prone to develop vitiligo. 
  • Family history: vitiligo is non-contagious disease but usually affects the members of the same family. If the parents have vitiligo, there are maximum chances for the offsprings to develop vitiligo. 
  • Sunburn: it develops on the skin areas that are more exposed to sun-rays. UV beams harm the skin and increment the odds of creating vitiligo.
  • Skin trauma: skin injury that destroys the layers of the skin by burn. First degree burn on the skin destroys the melanocytes. Thus, causes white patches on the skin.
  • Chemical contact: skin damage by chemicals causes skin damage or destroys the skin cells like melanocytes that disturb the uniformity of the skin tone.


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