Vitiligo is autoimmune disease that shown white patches on the skin. These white patches are growing due to a lack of melanin pigment in the body. Melanin is the coloring pigment that is responsible for the color and tone of the body. These cells produced in the epidermis, called melanocytes. Ayurvedic oil for vitiligo is the normal functioning of the melanocytes maintains normal skin color. 

In auto-immune disease, our body cells destroyed. Thus, the destruction of melanocytes causes decreased melanin pigment in the body that result in the white patches on the skin.

Vedas cure provides treatment for vitiligo. It shows better results if used simultaneously with this ayurvedic oil for vitiligo.

Psoralea corylifolia

Psoralea corylifolia oil is used to treat vitiligo patches and It is also known as babchi that a natural herb.

It is absorb into ayurvedic medicines to treat skin disease. These used together to provide better results to treat vitiligo.

This oil is recommended to use locally on the white patches to bring back the skin color to the normal.

Apply the oil o the white patches and massage it locally. For better results, manage diet and physical exercise. 

A proper diet is the key to human body health. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in the regular diet. Avoid citrus fruits in the diet that may aggravate the skin condition.

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